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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How quickly can I access funds that have been loaded to my card?

A. Immediately! (subject to transaction fees and limits; please see the Cardholder Agreement and fee schedule)

Q. Where can I use my card?

A. After your card has been activated and funded, you have the ability to immediately access cash at ATMs displaying the network logos on the back of the card (fees and restrictions may apply). You may also use your card to pay for goods and services at Point-of-Sale ("POS") retail merchants that accept Debit MasterCard. Many merchant locations will provide a "cash back" option with your purchase.

Q. How are my funds secured?

A. Access to your Card is protected by a unique Personal Identification Number ("PIN") as well as security measures designed to protect you from unauthorized use of your Card.

Q. How do I check the balance on my card?

A. Select the Account Summary tab to find out your account balance or visit any ATM displaying the network logos found on the back of the card (fees and restrictions may apply). You may also check your balance by calling 866-337-4997 and following the prompts for a balance inquiry.

Q. Will I be charged a fee at an ATM?

A. Most ATM owners will charge a nominal fee, which typically ranges from $1.00 to $3.50. This amount will be deducted from your available card balance at the time of the transaction in addition to any fees outlined in the Cardholder Agreement. Note: If you use a MoneyPass ATM, the ATM owner will not charge any fees in addition to those outlined in the Cardholder Agreement.

Q. Does my card have access to a surcharge free ATM network?

A. Yes, you can find a MoneyPass® ATM near you by visiting http://www.moneypass.com/atm-locator.aspx

Q. Is there a dollar limit on ATM withdrawals?

A. Per the Cardholder Agreement, for security purposes, there are limitations on the use of your Card to obtain cash at an ATM or from a bank. The maximum amount you can withdraw is $500 per day. In addition, the ATM operator or network may impose additional limitations on ATM transactions.

Q. How do I report my card lost or stolen?
A. Pursuant to your Cardholder Agreement, it is your responsibility to immediately report your Card lost or stolen. You may do this by contacting customer service at 866-337-4997.